Covid-19 Crisis

Amsterdam still in lockdown, but reopening soon

restaurants and bars closed, hotels and terraces open

From May 19 onwards, shops, terrace cafés and terrace restaurants are allowed to open again from 07:00 to 20:00 for lunch, dinner or drinks.

From 5 June onwards, cafés as well as restaurants may stay open until 22:00 at night. They will also be allowed to receive guests inside again.

Hotels in Amsterdam remain open, but restaurants in hotels must close. Room service is not allowed either, as no food or drinks may be served to hotel guests.

Museums, attractions, cinemas and theatres are also allowed to reopen as of June 5.

Party bars and discotheques remain closed until further notice.

Due to Covid-19 all festivals and events are forbidden, with the exception of daily markets, cinemas and theatres.

All shops and grocery stores are prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages from 20:00 onwards.

It is not allowed to have alcohol or soft drugs in your pocket or consume them in public areas between 20:00 and 07:00.

There is yet no official obligation to wear face masks.

Find the latest information on the official Dutch government website 


Avoid public transport and take a bike

Wearing a mouth mask on public transport is mandatory from 1 June. Travel by public transport only when there is no other option.

Rent a bike or go on foot!