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IJ Waterfront

Westelijke & Oostelijke Eilanden (Western & Eastern Docklands)

Centered on Centraal Station and stretching east and west along both banks of the IJ, this fast-redeveloping area includes artificial islands, warehouses, and other installations of Amsterdam's old harbor (the new harbor lies west of the city). A shiny new kind of Amsterdam is taking shape on parts of this waterfront where old facilities have been demolished and are being replaced by new apartments and modern offices.

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (left) and Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ (right)

Admire new architecture of Amsterdam around the IJ

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, the EYE Film Museum, the new Palace of Justice: every so often comes a new eye-catcher. NDSM is emerging. The appearance of this part of North's raw industrial, combined with hip, contemporary buildings. For lovers of modern architecture is also a boat trip on the IJ by the Eastern Docklands is a must.

Futuristic EYE Film Institute building (left) and A'dam Toren (right) on the northern bank of the IJ River

Sights and attractions

Main attractions in this area are the National Maritime Museum, East Indiaman Amsterdam, NEMO and Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ.

Another spectacular building with beautiful lofty hall is the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) , where large cruiseships dock during the summer, but which is used as a venue for cultural events during the winter. There are many mooring facilities for touring boats and inland cruise operations. Every year over 100 sea cruise ships and more than 700 river cruise ships are ariving in this part of the city and their number is growing.

A two-decade makeover of the southern bank of Amsterdam's IJ inlet has seen disused shipping wharfs, dockside warehouses and industrial estates replaced by a new urban zone, nestled into the historic city center. Densely stacked apartment blocks, offices and businesses have been joined by cultural institutions, restaurants and schools, in a combination of new and old building stock.

Developments like those along the IJ waterfronts - like the new residential neighbourhood being realized on the island of IJburg, the redevelopment of the central and western harbour areas, and that of the waterfront of Amsterdam-Noord (Amsterdam North) - are better understood on the background of Amsterdam's recent housing policy and of its role in the city's development strategy. They in fact represent important urban pieces in a strategy aiming at strengthening the city's attractiveness by raising the city's stock of private property housing - historically largely below the national average - to at least 35%, in particular, by increasing the offer of new attractive high quality middle-class housing.


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A'dam Toren   panorama tower on the IJ Waterfront
Bimhuis   house of the jazz
Centraal Station   central railway station
EYE   new Dutch film museum
Het Scheepvaartmuseum   national maritime museum
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ   concert hall for modern music
NEMO   science center
Red Light District

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stedelijkThe Whale on the Eastern Docklands

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