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Albert Cuyp Market

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Specialist shop for condiments


specialised store in herbs, spices and teas

Almost all herbs and spices are salt free and without flavour enhancers. If you're looking for that one special spice, you can find it here for sure.

Photo Tour - Albert Cuyp Market

  1. Watches for 7 euro
  2. Fruit stand
  3. Herring stand
  4. Specialist shop for condiments
  5. Shoes
  6. Fresh from the sea
  7. Stroopwafels   Dutch hot waffles
  8. Curiosities for sale
  9. Printed coasters: 6 for 10 euros
  10. Tomatoes in all shapes and sizes

Albert Cuypstraat 150

kruidenThe shop looks like an Oriental bazaar. Everywhere you look are, hang and stand wares.

kruiden kruiden kruiden

Small specialised authentic stores

geneva and liquor store: Slijterij de Ooievaar