Amsterdamse Bos

manmade forest to the south of Amsterdam

Large English landscape park with rowing course, goat farm and recreational areas.


Groot Kinderbad is one of the public paddling pools in the Amsterdamse Bos

A forest planted between 1934 and 1970 south-west of Amsterdam with around 150 tree species.

The Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) is large: 22 times as large as the Vondelpark and 3 times the size of New York's Central Park.

In the open air Bostheater  paid concerts and plays are held during the summer.

Employment project

All the trees were planted by hand during the crisis years between 1934 and 1940. The park was as a work relief programme.

The project provided work for more than 20,000 unemployed people. Prisoners also carried out forced labour.

Using no other technical means than wheelbarrows and metal dump carts on rails, the labourers created a forest from scratch using shovels as their main equipment.


The Amsterdamse Bos has 116 bridges. Of those, 67 were designed by the famous Amsterdam School architect Piet Kramer. None of these bridges are alike.


The Amsterdamse Bos has space for a variety of sports, including rowing, swimming, equestrian sports, climbing, field hockey, football, canoe, sailing, tennis, cricket, golf and fitness.


There are several ponds and streams that can be used for swimming. There is a sand beach along a part of Grote Vijver  pond and 2 paddling pools for children - Klein Kinderbad  and Groot Kinderbad  - that are water-filled and monitored from May until September.


An important part of the park is the rowing course (called Bosbaan) from 1937, which is the world's oldest artificial rowing course. It hosted the World Rowing Championships in 1977 and 2014.

The Bosbaan is also used for other forms of water sports, like dragon boat races and speedboat races.

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Brug 569 - plate bridge by architect Piet Kramer


Bostheater  - open air theatre where concerts and plays are held in summer


Ridammerhoeve - goat farm with more than 150 goats and cute little baby lambs roaming around freely


Map of the Amsterdamse Bos from 1937


Historic Tram Line passing through the Amsterdamse Bos


Camping Amsterdamse Bos  - camping, camper and holiday park located on the southern edge of the Amsterdamse Bos


Ice skating on the Bosbaan rowing course


Highland cattle graze in the southern edge of the Amsterdamse Bos.   Photo: Ton van Eenennaam


National Dachau Monument - Memorial to the Dutch victims of the Dachau concentration camp, chiselled with the names of 500 concentration camps


Boerderij Meerzicht  - former farm turned into a pancake house and playground for children


Zonneweide (Sun Meadow) - area for naturist recreation


Deer watching at Boerderij Meerzicht


BosbaanSwim  - annual recreational swimming event at the Bosbaan

fun forest

Fun Forest    climbing park in Amsterdamse Bos