Jewish Community of Amsterdam

synagogues, addresses for kosher food

By the end of the 16th century, Jews fled from Spain and Portugal the Inquisition and settled in the upcoming Amsterdam. Jews from Germany and Eastern Europe followed. Amsterdam became their Mokum, a second Jerusalem.


Amsterdam has historically been the centre of the Dutch Jewish community for the last 400 years. Amsterdam is also known under the name "Mokum", given to the city by its Jewish inhabitants ("Mokum" is Yiddish for "town", derived from the Hebrew "makom", which literally means "place").

Only a small percentage of the 80,000 Jews in Amsterdam survived the Holocaust and returned from camps and their places of hiding to their city. The community's great synagogue-complex (now home to the Jewish Museum) remained empty and had to be exchanged for smaller place of worship outside the city center.

Jodenbuurt   Old Jewish Quarter of Amsterdam

Stunning synagogues, striking buildings and impressive memorials, like the Jewish Museum, the stately Portuguese Synagogue and the National Holocaust Memorial can all be visited in Amsterdam's Old Jewish Quarter.


The beautiful interior of the Portuguese Synagogue

Synagogues in Amsterdam/Amstelveen

AMOS    Amsterdam Modern Orthodox Shul
Kalfjeslaan 376, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Amstelveen Shul 
Max Havelaarlaan 435, Amstelveen
Beit Ha'Chidush    Uilenburger Synagoge
an independent modern-progressive Jewish community for anyone with a Jewish background, both paternal and maternal
Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91, Amsterdam Centrum
Beis HaMedrasj Ets Chaim 
Merckenburg 3, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Beth Shalom    Jewish nursing home with its own shul
Kastelenstraat 80, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Esnoga Amstelveen    Portuguese (Sephardic) Synagogue
Texelstraat 82, Amstelveen
Gerard Dou Synagogue    Tesjoengat Israel / Ashkenazi shul
Gerard Doustraat 238, Amsterdam De Pijp
JCC Shul    Jewish Cultural Centre / Ashkenazi shul
Van der Boechorststraat 26, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
JZA Shul    Jewish Amstelland Hospital
Laan van de Helende Meesters 8, Amstelveen
Kehilas Ja'akow Synagogue 
Gerrit van der Veenstraat 26, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid
Lek Shul 
Lekstraat 61, Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt
LJG    Liberal Jewish Community Amsterdam
Zuidelijke Wandelweg 41, Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt
Monthly Minyan    Amsterdam
Nidchei Jisrael Jechaneis Synagogue    'Russian Shul'
Nieuwe Kerkstraat 149, Amsterdam Plantage
Portuguese Synagogue   Esnoga Amsterdam
Mr. Visserplein 3, Amsterdam Waterlooplein
RAS Synagoge    Raw Aron Schuster Synagoge (Obrechtsjoel)
Heinzestraat 1, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid
Shul West 
Willem Schoutenstraat 8, Amsterdam De Baarsjes, West

Joodse Gemeente Amsterdam (NIHS)

Jewish Community of Amsterdam

NIHS is an orthodox Ashkenazi congregation, that dates back to 1635, with approx. 2000 members, who support the complete Jewish infrastructure in the city (including: kashrut, synagogues, mikwah, rabbinate, social service and cemeteries and subsidies to Jewish elementary and secondary schools.

For information on specific times of services, please contact NIHS 


Jewish community today

Amsterdam's Jewish community today numbers about 15,000 people. A large number live in the neighborhoods of Buitenveldert, Oud-Zuid and Rivierenbuurt.

Especially in the neighborhood of Buitenveldert there's a sizeable Jewish community. In this area, Kosher food is widely available. There are several Kosher restaurants, 2 bakeries, Jewish-Israeli shops, a pizzeria and some supermarkets host a Kosher department. Buitenveldert also has a Jewish elderly home, an Orthodox synagogue and 3 Jewish schools.

Kashrut facilities in Amsterdam

  • All restaurants listed below are under the joint supervision of the Amsterdam Ashkenazi and Sephardi Rabbinates
  • All meat in the restaurants under Amsterdam rabbinical supervision is glatt kosher
  • A Te'udat Hechsher (kosher certificate) should be posted in the restaurant


Rimon Deli  (Laromme)   Kastelenstraat 69, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Ugga    Gerard Doustraat 103 A, Amsterdam De Pijp

Butcher shop

Marcus store    Kastelenstraat 111a, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Marcus butchery    Humberweg 6b, Amsterdam Sloterdijk


Mouwes Koshere Delicatessen    Kastelenstraat 261, Amsterdam Buitenveldert

Sandwich shops, lunchrooms, restaurants

Golan    Kastelenstraat 265, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
La Biss    Albert Cuypstraat 278, Amsterdam De Pijp
Meat Me Kosher    Kastelenstraat 65, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Pizza & Co    Kastelenstraat 105-A, Amsterdam Buitenveldert

Catering / tourist service

providing Shabbat meal packages, delivered to your hotel

Jacobs Kosjere Catering    Oldenaller 2, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
H'Baron    Kastelenstraat 110, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Marcus Kosher Catering    Kastelenstraat 111a, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Vos Kosher Catering    Spinnerij 73, Amstelveen

Kosher food in supermarkets

frozen meat and other kosher items stored in designated areas and special freezers

Albert Heijn XL    Gelderlandplein 47, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Jumbo    Buitenveldertselaan 184, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Jumbo Amsterdam Velu    Kastelenstraat 70, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Jumbo    Stadhouderskade 93, Amsterdam De Pijp

Hotels with kosher breakfast

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam - South 
Zwaansvliet 20, Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Hotel Doria 
Damstraat 3, Amsterdam Centrum
Best Western Delphi Hotel 
Apollolaan 101-105, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid
Conscious Hotel Museum Square 
De Lairessestraat 7, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid
Hotel NH Amsterdam Zuid 
Van Leijenberghlaan 221, Amsterdam Buitenveldert

Kashrut list

information available at the offices of the NIK , the umbrella organisation for Jewish Communities in Holland

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