Amsterdam's Newest Restaurants

Explore the best new spots for eating and drinking

Recently opened restaurants: George Marina, MaMa Kelly, Bodon, Sushi Samba, Spingaren

New or Completely Renovated Hotels

Overview of recently (re)opened hotels in Amsterdam

new-built hotels or existing hotels in Amsterdam that have been completely renovated recently

What's On in Amsterdam

Exhibitions in museums, galleries, churches and other historic buildings

Amsterdam is a city of museums with lots of great exhibitions and events. Find out what's on when you will be in Amsterdam

A short history of Amsterdam

Since its very early days, over 700 years ago, the City of Amsterdam has occupied a key position in the Dutch scene. Growing from a fishing village in the powerful province of Holland, the city developed into a hub for trade, the arts and politics.

The 17th century was boom-time for Amsterdam. Riches, power, culture and tolerance burgeoned in the city. Not surprisingly, Amsterdam's magnificent network of canals was set out in the 17th century. And along the canals which girdle the city, the citizens built houses taller than any seen in any other Dutch city centre.

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