The Best Fries of Amsterdam

haute couture snackbars serving good-quality French fries, croquettes and frikandels

French fries (American English), chips (British English), frites (French), patat (Dutch), friet or frieten (Dutch/Flemish) are all different terms for thinly cut fried potatoes.


The number of 'high-end' snack bars in Amsterdam is rising sharply. Guests appreciate the good quality of potatoes and sauces, not always associated with these snackbars. We have selected the very best ones below. Try it and you'll love it.

Best picks


De Belg

Fries shop of famous Dutch rapper Lil' Kleine, serving Belgian quality fries.

Centrum / Rembrandtplein
dokter pieper

Friethal   former Dr Pieper

Dokter Pieper's Frites Kabinet. Hand-cut fries, homemade croquettes and special homemade sauces in a laboratory setting.

West / Oud-West

't Wethoudertje

Organic snack bar serving delicious, in rice oil fried chips.

Oost / Watergraafsmeer


delicious home-made fresh French fries in posh neighbourhood, serves fries with chocolate sauce

Zuid / Oud-Zuid

Fries are served with a number of different sauces and eaten either on their own or with other snacks (kroket, frikandel or hamburger). Mayonnaise, ketchup and peanut sauce (pindasaus) are the sauces traditionally eaten with fries in Holland.


Par Hasard

Zuid / De Pijp
Zuid / Oud-Zuid

Wilde Kroketten  

father and son serving a wide assortment of handmade croquettes

Westpoort / IJ Waterfront


Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx has been frying up Flemish fries since 1957. The place is just a hole in the wall, and there's usually a queue of people waiting in front of it.

Centrum / Spui
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