Café 't Sluisje

old brown café with idyllic outdoor terrace


Old brown café 't Sluisje on Nieuwendammerdijk, next to a small, old lock in Amsterdam Noord

Rescued from closure by local residents

Neighbourhood café 't Sluisje is housed on a beautiful location in a 16th century house in the northern part of Amsterdam. The bar, that has been run for a century by De Ruijter family, is now owned by residents who live in the neighbourhood. In 2017, no less than 85 residents pulled together 900,000 euros to take over the 100-year-old pub. The atmosphere in the cafe is still the same.

Café 't Sluisje is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The place is famed for its appeltaart (fresh-baked apple tart) and homemade soups.

Break spot

Due to its location the café, and its fantastic waterside terrace, is a perfect place for bikers who go for a ride to the Waterland district, the typical Dutch countryside of dykes and reclaimed land north of Amsterdam.


Café 't Sluisje is located on a side channel of the River IJ in Nieuwendam, a picturesque neighbourhood in Amsterdam Noord. From its terrace you are overlooking the harbour of Nieuwendam.

Please note that there is another place in Amsterdam bearing the name 't Sluisje. which is located in a narrow street near Dam Square. This spot is not a brown café but a dragshow restaurant , or traf bar, offering 3 course dinner, travesty acts and music performances.

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