Vegetarian Restaurants

vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

All restaurants that appear on this site are special for their ambiance, location, and food

There was a time when vegetarian restaurants were far and few between in Amsterdam and ordering vegetarian meant that you just got a meat dish – without the meat. Things have definitely changed. Today you're guaranteed to find exquisite vegetarian and vegan alternatives on any menu. Below a selection of restaurants where vegetarian food is part of their heart and soul.

Best picks

lunch   dinner

dear mama

Deer Mama 

Hipsterish vegan mylk and burger bar

Zuid / De Pijp

lunch   dinner

de ceuvel

Café de Ceuvel 

All food is organic and served from sustainable sources, in a former shipyard near the NDSM wharf

Noord / NDSM

lunch   dinner



A nature inspired creative space with vegetarian meals.

Zuid / De Pijp

breakfast   lunch   dinner


Spirit Amsterdam 

Organic buffet restaurant with 100% organic and 100% vegetarian breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Centrum / Centrum-Oost



De Waaghals 

popular vegetarian restaurant with informal atmosphere

Zuid / De Pijp

lunch   dinner


D&A Hummus Bistro 

Cozy vegetarian/vegan restaurant with modern Middle Eastern dishes

Centrum / Jordaan

lunch   dinner


The Lebanese Sajeria  

A small family-run restaurant where you can eat tasy manoushe

Centrum / De 9 Straatjes

lunch   dinner   high tea


Beter & Leuk 

An inspiring place for vegan food, art, lifestyle and fashion

Oost / Oud-Oost

lunch   dinner


Mana Mana 

Israeli trattoria with Ottolenghi-like dishes

Zuid / De Pijp

lunch   dinner


Vegan Junk Food Bar 

new vegan hotspot with entirely plant-based burgers and sandwiches with side dishes

West / Oud-West
Zuid / De Pijp

lunch   dinner


Mr. & Ms. Watson 

delicious cakes, vegan cheeses, burgers, oven dishes

Oost / Watergraafsmeer

lunch   dinner



A 'plant forward' restaurant; meals are available as vegan, vegetarian or omnivore.

Zuid / Oud-Zuid