Canal Motorboats

rent a boat and be your own captain

Discover the historic city centre of Amsterdam from the water

Chose your own route, have your own snacks and drinks on board and be your own captain. Canal Motorboats is a family-owned boat rental company that has been run by father and son for many years. Renting a boat from them is easy and without any hassle.

No navigation licence required

Canal Motorboats rents out 10 electric motorboats that are spacious and of little weight, for a maximum of 8 persons. All boats have a maximum speed of up to 6.5 kilometres an hour, which means that you don't need a navigation licence.


Canal Motorboats' aluminium boats are safe thanks to a built-in safety system. Free life jackets are provided for children under 12.

You're the captain

The environmentally friendly 'fluisterboten' (whisper boats) are powered by an electric motor, which has the advantages that they are easy to operate, make little noise, and no license or knowledge of sailing is required.

Bookings from one hour upwards are possible and the more hours you book, the lower the costs.

Mooring locations


Zandhoek 22
Amsterdam (IJ Waterfront)

tram 3 Zoutkeetsgracht
directions_bus 48 Barentszplein
local_parking IJDock


Daniël Goedkoopstraat 1
Amsterdam (Oost)

directions_subway 51 53 54 Spaklerweg
directions_subway 50 51 Overamstel
local_parking Q-Park Spaklerweg

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Taking pictures while you're approaching the VOC Ship and Scheepvaartmuseum

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canal motorboats

A good captain is someone who:

  • obeys the Amsterdam navigation rules
  • always gives way to commercial shipping and other big boats
  • always keeps to the right-hand side of the waterway
  • reduces speed when approaching bridges and bends
  • gives way to smaller ships approaching from the right
  • observes the maximum speed limit
  • does not play loud music