All bike rentals mentioned are well-established companies with a good reputation, offering professional and reliable service. They have bicycles of good quality that are in good shape. Send us feedback if you have any complaints or bad experiences with one of the companies.

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Amsterdam's city centre is best seen on foot, but a great way to experience the city like a local is to rent a bike and enjoy the city's many excellent bicycle lanes. It's usually cheaper to rent a bike at one of the bike rental companies in the city than at your hotel.

Bike rentals   rates and location

Prices are usually per 24 hours, not per calendar day. Pedal brake bikes are safer and usually cheaper than Handbrake bikes. At some places you can also rent a bike per hour.

Bike rental Price District Neighbourhood
Discount Bike Rental  €12.50 Centrum Dam
Damstraat Rent a Bike  €12.00 Centrum Dam
Star Bikes  €  9.00 Centrum Centraal Station
Frederic  €16.50 Centrum Centraal Station
Mike's Bike Rentals  €16.50 Centrum Leidseplein
Bike City  €16.00 Centrum Jordaan
MacBike  €11.00 Centrum Jodenbuurt
Ajaxbike  €  9.50 Zuid De Pijp
Amsterdamse Fietswinkel  €13.50 Zuid Oud-Zuid, Museumplein
Black Bikes  €16.49 Zuid Zuidas
A-Bike  €16.50 West Leidseplein, Vondelpark
Black Bikes  €16.49 West Spaarndammerbuurt
De Stadsfiets  €12.50 West Oud-West
GariLeo Bikes  €17.50 West Westerpark
Maurice Bikes  €12.50 West Oud-West, Jordaan
Otto Bikes   Good Service €10.00 West Oud-West, Vondelpark
Amsterbike  €14.50 Oost IJ Waterfront
De Stadsfiets  €12.50 Oost Oud-Oost
Fiets + Meer  €  8.50 Oost Watergraafsmeer
Bike Rental Amsterdam  €  7.50 Nieuw-West Slotervaart

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Amsterdam is probably the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. The terrain is everywhere flat and most streets have separate bike lanes.

For obvious reasons, lock your bike to something solid when leaving it unattended, and lock the frame, not just the front wheel (otherwise they unbolt your front wheel, take your frame and someone else's front wheel, and have a complete bike).

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