Cheap Hotels

Cheap and affordable accommodation up to 75 euro, close to the the city centre of Amsterdam, sometimes with shared facilities (douche, bathroom).

Staying in Amsterdam doesn't have to be expensive. Save money at a cheap Amsterdam hotel or guesthouse. Our overview of cheap accommodation in Amsterdam makes it easy for you to find the best value hotels in Amsterdam and book a cheap and clean hotel room.

Best picks



double room € 41-94 | 12m2

hotel breakfast included

Zuid / De Pijp

single room € 30-70 | 7m2
double room € 30-90 | 11m2

hostel breakfast included

Centrum / Leidseplein

popular large budget hotel with lively bar and restaurant

double room € 64-84 | 10m2


Zaandam  12 km from Amsterdam

double room € 49-88 | 13m2


Centrum / Leidseplein

single room € 55-85 | 6m2
double room € 69-125 | 10m2


Zuid / Zuidas

no view room € 49-134 | 12m2


Centrum / Canal Belt

double room € 68-112 | 9m2


Zuidoost / Arena Boulevard

double room € 44-122 | 12m2


The prices mentioned are average prices for low season and high season, for the cheapest option for a single and/or double room per night, including VAT.

The rate in 2019 in Amsterdam for the City Tax (or Tourist Tax) is 7,0% of the accommodation costs, excluding breakfast costs.