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The bars and pubs mentioned on this site are special for the ambiance, location, view and more! They are frequently visited by local Amsterdammers.

Brown cafés and more

Amsterdam is renowned for its brown cafés: small, dark and cozy. They are casual, neighborhood gathering spots, where people meet.

But Amsterdam has much more to offer. To make it easier for you we have classified a selection of Amsterdam's most interesting and attractive pubs and cafés in different groups.

Café suggestions

Breakfast café   tip

De Balie is the right place to work on your laptop in the morning while having an espresso and breakfast.

Terrace café   tip

Café 't Smalle has one of the most idyllic terraces in the centre where you drink a glass of wine or beer while watching the passing boats.

Difference between a café, bar or coffeeshop

In the Netherlands, a café is the equivalent of a full bar, and sells liquor, cocktails, wine, and beer. A "koffiehuis" serves coffee, while a "coffee shop" (using the English term) sells soft drugs (cannabis and hashish) and is generally not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages.

Tasting rooms

Visit one of Amsterdam's authentic decorated beer or jenever tasting rooms

Lunch break

Not all restaurants and eetcafés are open during lunch time. Explore our suggestions of Lunch spots

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