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Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam

The Indonesian rice table (rijsttafel) is a Dutch invention that dates back to colonial times. To impress their guests Dutch people in Indonesia served as many dishes on the table at once, with a lot of cooks and servants involved.

Rice table (Rijsttafel)

White rice is the basis of a traditional Indonesian meal, partly because of the soothing and calming effect it has on spicy dishes. It ensures that you fully enjoy the luxury of a rijsttafel, with dishes like:

  • sambal goreng tempe (fried soya bean)
  • gado gado (dish of fresh vegetables with peanut sauce)
  • babi kecap (sweet pork with soya sauce)
  • sate ajam (skewered chicken with a peanut dressing)
  • sate domba (skewered lamb with a peanut dressing)
  • nasi goreng (fried rice)
  • ikan pepesan (spicy fish steamed in a bananaleaf)
  • emping (nut chips)
  • pisang goreng (fried banana)

7 Amsterdam Restaurants That Serve Delicious Indonesian Food

Rembrandtplein area

Indrapura, Amsterdam
Rembrandtplein 42

Museumplein area

Sama Sebo
Sama Sebo
PC Hooftstraat 27

Old Centre, Spui area

Kantjil & de Tijger
Spuistraat 291-293

Jordaan area

Long Pura, Amsterdam
Long Pura
Rozengracht 46-48

Canal Belt

Tempo Doeloe
Tempo Doeloe
Utrechtsestraat 75

Canal Belt

Singel 498

West - Oud-West

Blue Pepper
Blue Pepper
Nassaukade 366

Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam

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