patch market / rag and bone market

Monday morning market with around 160 stalls selling vintage and new clothes, fabrics, buttons, leather, and haberdashery of every kind.

For lovers of crafts, making clothes and everything you need for this

Lapjesmarkt or Westerstraat Market sells all kinds of fabrics, cheap clothes, leather, patches and more general goods

Lapjesmarkt or Westerstraatmarkt

Lapjesmarkt - Patch Market in English - is a friendly street market that is held on Monday morning on Westerstraat in the heart of the Jordaan. It has a cosy neighbourhood atmosphere.

Westerstraat used to be a canal (the filled-in Anjeliersgracht), dug at the beginning of the 17th century, during a large city expansion plan. In 1861 it was filled in to create room for traffic.

What to buy?

Lapjesmarkt vendors are selling small articles used in sewing: buttons, zips, thread, poppers, ribbons, yarns, pins, needles.

But - more than the name 'Lapjesmarkt' suggests - not only curtain fabric, leather and clothing are sold at the market. You can buy here also cosmetics, new watches, and small interior decoration objects.

Noordermarkt Flea Market

Also on Monday morning a flea market is held at Noordermarkt, adjacent to Westerstraat. This market is a nice place to browse around among, mostly, second-hand stuff like old books, hats, furniture, curiosa, but also unused goods from shop closures.


Lapjesmarkt is situated on Westerstraat, a former canal, between Lijnbaansgracht and Prinsengracht in the Jordaan neighbourhood.


Sun closed
Mon 09:00 - 13:00
Tue closed
Wed closed
Thu closed
Fri closed
Sat closed

Coffee/Lunch Break Tips

Noordermarkt 43

Winkel 43 

Homemade apple pie with fresh whipped cream

Lindengracht 75


Renowned restaurant with authentic Italian cuisine

Egelantiersstraat 122-124

La Oliva 

Cantabrian-Basque kitchen with pintxos, wines and delicious dishes from the northern part of Spain

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