Sales period in Amsterdam

seasonal sales in department stores and shops

In Amsterdam, and in many other European countries, January and July are the main huge sale months when stores offer the biggest discounts, indicated on store windows with posters reading Uitverkoop, Opruiming, Solden or Sale.

Winter, Summer & Mid-season

Previously stores in the Netherlands could only have 'sale' at fixed times of the year, but nowadays there are no fixed dates for sales periods anymore. Winter Sale now starts already in December; Summer Sale in June.

In addition to the Summer and Winter Sale, there are now also the Mid-season Sales in Spring and Autumn, and Black Friday (end November) which is also becoming increasingly popular.

Starting date varies per store

As there are no fixed dates for the sale, each retailer decides when they start the sale. There may be a difference of weeks between 2 different fashion chains.

Most stores do not announce the starting date in advance.


Winter Sale

December and January

Mid-season Sale

March and April

Summer Sale

June and July

Mid-season Sale

September and October


Huge discounts

During the clearance months, fashion is much cheaper than regularly. Prices can be 10 to 70% lower than during regular sales periods.

Often only a small part of a store contains items on sale. The main part of the store consists of items that have sold at regular prices.


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