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Amsterdam has a very special charm and is renown as a lively, cosmopolitan city with humane dimensions.

Amsterdam is one of Europe's most popular tourist destination and offers numerous options for day- and night-time adventures.

Amsterdam is a city of canals and bridges, bikes and trams, parks and people. It has world-renowned museums and is known for its liberalism, which allows for the Red Light District and the coffee shops. As you walk the streets, you cannot help but feel the rich history of the city in everything around you.

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Amsterdam is broken up into districts (stadsdelen), which are further divided into neighborhoods. These neighborhoods may seem confusing to the first-time visitor to Amsterdam, but they're really very helpful when it comes to getting around.

City centre

The Centrum neighborhoods of De Wallen, Dam, Grachtengordel and Jordaan are the historical center of Amsterdam, and they will probably be your destination when you travel to the city. For a more detailed explanation of these neighborhoods, as well as other neighborhoods of note, check out Amsterdam Neighborhoods Explained.

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