Amsterdam Sights

Climb the towers of Amsterdam's churches

Every year from April to September the towers of Amsterdam's main churches can be climbed, every day of the week except Sundays.

The towers offer a stunning view from the old city centre. One of the best views of Amsterdam is from the summit of the Westertoren, from which you can look out over the Jordaan quarter and the old city centre.

Guided tours

Every half hour there are guided tours for groups of at most five persons.
The tours cost €7.50 per person.

From the Zuidertoren you have a good view across the Amstel river and the Nieuwmarkt neighborhood.

The Oudekerkstoren offers you the best view from the oldest medieval part of Amsterdam, including De Wallen (Red Light District).

Opening hours

towerdaysopening hours
WestertorenMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat10:00-17:30 h
ZuidertorenMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat13:00-16:30 h
OudekerkstorenThu Fri Sat13:00-16:30 h

More information: (in Dutch)

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Every summer science center NEMO transforms the roof into a city beach, offering visitors to enjoy the sun with the most beautiful view of Amsterdam. Great for kids!

Famous churches

Oude Kerk