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East Indiaman Amsterdam

replica of ship that belonged to the Dutch East India Company

Amsterdam sent its sailors to the other part of the world to purchase spices, herbs and silk. Half the number of the crew that were crimped into VOC service as sailors did not make it back and died on their voyage to far away places like the East Indies.

The Amsterdam

East Indiaman Amsterdam, a replica of a Dutch trading ship, is docked at the Scheepvaartmuseum (Dutch Maritime Museum). On this replica you experience how life and work was on a ship of that time. How long did the trip take on a VOC ship to Asia? Did cabin boys sleep in the same room as the captain? And what did they actually eat on board?

Between 1602 and 1795, 1461 East Indiamen made a total of 4800 voyages.


During its maiden voyage in 1749 the original Amsterdam was sailing on the North Sea when its rudder broke in a raging storm. The crew managed to reach the shore on the south coast of England in safety but the ship quickly sank into the mud and was never recovered.

In 1985, almost 200 years after the termination of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), the keel was laid for a new East Indiaman, based on the original Amsterdam. Over 400 volunteers helped to build the new Amsterdam.

How to get there?

Take one of the many trams that lead to the Central Railway Station (Centraal Station) and walk from there to NEMO via a specially constructed promenade and bridge crossing the Oosterdok, Amsterdam's old harbour. Follow the signs for "Route Oosterdok", or take a direct bus from Centraal Station.

bus22 - stop Kattenburgerplein
bus48 - stop Kadijksplein
parkingnearest car park Markenhoven

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VOC-schip Amsterdam

National Maritime Museum
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Amsterdam (IJ Waterfront)

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* You cannot buy a separate ticket for the Dutch East Indiaman Amsterdam. The ship is accessible only with a regular museum ticket.


scheepvaartmuseumNational Maritime Museum

Oost-Indisch Huis

East India House
the former headquarters of the Dutch VOC