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Amsterdam is a city of museums with lots of great exhibitions and events. Find out what's on when you will be in Amsterdam.

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1 April 2024 - 30 June 2024


Chad in Amsterdam

Funny and authentic illustrations showing a newcomer’s view of Amsterdam, in often almost clichéd events that hold up a mirror to its people.


8 March 2024 - 8 July 2024


Pride and Self-Prejudice

Robbie Williams demonstrates his dedication and ability to connect with audiences in a new art form for the public in his first solo exhibition.

Moco Museum

19 April 2024 - 14 July 2024


World Press Photo

Annual exhibition showcasing the best and most important photojournalism and documentary photography of the last year.

De Nieuwe Kerk

26 April 2024 - 29 September 2024


Déjà vu

Discover the changing city through the lens of Erik Klein Wolterink

Stadsarchief   Amsterdam City Archives

22 June 2024 - 13 October 2024


The Humanness of Our Lonely Selves

Dutch photographer Awoiska van der Molen zooms in on illuminated windows in the evening darkness: black and white photos of the built environment containing traces of human presence.

Huis Marseille 

18 November - 8 December 2024



Rijksmuseum Special Collections display tracing shifts in underwear trends between 1640 and 1940.


27 September 2024 - 12 January 2025


Asian Bronze

75 masterpieces showcasing the beauty of 4,000 years of Asian bronze art – from statues of gods to objects for ritual and everyday use.


31 May 2024 - 31 August 2025


Martial Arts

Step into the ring yourself and learn about kung fu, karate, capoeira, kickboxing, pencak silat and Nguni stick fighting.

Wereldmuseum Amsterdam