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cycling route through the Dutch countryside

Cycle route map from Broek in Waterland to Amsterdam


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Route description

  1. Leave Broek in Waterland via Dorpsstraat and turn right in front of the bicycle parking.
  2. Continue onto Broekermeerdijk alongside the canal.
  3. Keep cycling along the canal. You are passing by many houseboats.
  4. After 3.3km continue under the viaduct onto Kanaaldijk and remain cycling along the canal for 1.4km Buiksloterweg.
  5. Turn right onto Buikslotermeerdijk.
  6. After you have passed 2 athletic fields, turn right.
  7. After 60m turn right onto Buiksloterdijk and cross the bridge (Buiksloterdraaibrug).
  8. You are now in the former village of Buiksloot. You'll see in front of you Buiksloterdijk, an old dike with historical wooden houses that are very characteristic for the Waterland region.

  9. Follow the green bicycle route signs (LF7a Oeverlandroute) and turn left onto the red coloured cycle path
  10. Continue on the red cycle path along the canalside and through the park for 2.6km. After you'll see Café ONS on your right hand side, turn left.
  11. You see in front of you the A'DAM Toren (former Shell headquarters) and on the left side the Sixhaven, a marina near the centre of Amsterdam.
  12. Follow the road until the end and take Ferry F3 for cycles that brings you back to Amsterdam Centraal Station.

From here you have a nice view over the village with its church, canals and charming wooden houses.

broek in waterland

Havenrak (starting point) - centre of the historical village of Broek in Waterland (1)

broek in waterland

Houseboats alongside Broekermeerdijk (3)


Historical wooden houses at Buiksloterdijk in Buiksloot (7)