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Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Discover Dutch History at the National Maritime Museum

The Scheepvaartmuseum has been based in the national arsenal since 1973. It is one of the major Golden Age buildings of Amsterdam. It was created in 1656 by city architect Daniel Stalpaert and was built as a warehouse of Amsterdam's war fleet. Amsterdam was the world's largest port and the Dutch dominated the world trade. Now, more than 350 years later, the arsenal is still an impressive and characteristic building. It breathes maritime history.


Het Scheepvaartmuseum houses one of the world's biggest collections of nautical art and artefacts, including globes, paintings, ship models, and more. The collection is the backbone of fascinating exhibitions about the Netherlands and the country's elemental connection with the sea. And these exhibits do not neglect to show the darker side of the romance and adventure, like the Netherlands' role as coloniser and oppressor. They also make the connection between the past and the present, and can illuminate current issues like globalisation and the environment in the light of a historical perspective.

East Indiaman Amsterdam

Visitors to Het Scheepvaartmuseum can experience the sea stories of yesterday and today. The museum also offers special exhibits for parents and children. And the replica of the Dutch East Indiaman the Amsterdam, docked alongside the quay, is perhaps the museum's biggest attraction, literally and figuratively.

Het Scheepvaartmuseum's restaurant, library and spectacular covered inner courtyard are freely accessible to the public, and are a beautiful place to stop and enjoy a monumental, historic building in the charming heart of Amsterdam.

How to get there?

bus22 - stop Kattenburgerplein
bus48 - stop Kadijksplein
parkingnearest car park Markenhoven

The glass roof of the courtyard inspired by the compass rose on nautical maps

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Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Kattenburgerplein 1
Amsterdam (IJ Waterfront)

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Entrance fee

€  7.504-17 years
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