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Rijsel Rôtisserie

Delicious food, affordable prices and a friendly staff

Rijsel is located in a former domestic science school in a residential area in Amsterdam Oost. This popular and high rated restaurant has a French-Flemish cuisine. It is an informal eatery with basic interior and a very transparant and open kitchen.

The name

The name Rijsel is the Flemish name for the northern French industrial city of Lille. The restaurant in Amsterdam serves as a main course standard baked potatoes and salad with a good piece of meat or fish with a gourmet sauce. A combination of Flemish no nonsense food with French gastronomy.


The decor is industrial French with whitewashed walls, natural stone and steel. The dining tables are from France. The windows have curtains and window sills are equipped with red mottled marble. The rĂ´tissoire (roasting tray) comes from Paris.

Whitewashed walls, natural stone and steel decor at Rijsel Rôtisserie

Everything in the restaurant is transparent and open. You can see the cooks and dishwashers working. It is noisy, and also the lighting is deliberately so bright. It creates a feeling that you are abroad.

The imperfection of the interior makes Rijsel easily accessible and provides a living room feel.

Book in advance

This is one of Amsterdam's most popular restaurants: always difficult to book. The food is fairly priced, extremely good, and comforting, and the service friendly, and quirky.

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Marcusstraat 52B
Amsterdam (Oost)

official website

Opening hours

Sun closed
Mon from 18:00
Tue from 18:00
Wed from 18:00
Thu from 18:00
Fri from 18:00
Sat closed




around € 90 *

* meal for two with wine
2 average starters and 2 main courses, a bottle of house wine, and 2 cups of coffee

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