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Defence Line of Amsterdam

a 135 km fortification around the city of Amsterdam based on the principle of controlling the waters

The Defence Line of Amsterdam (Stelling van Amsterdam) is a circular defence around the capital Amsterdam which was built by the Ministry of War between 1880 and 1920.

It consists of flooded areas (inundations) and 36 forts, 2 coastal forts, 2 fortresses, 3 batteries and 2 coastal batteries.

Additionally many more inletsluices, secondary batteries and depots were constructed. This was all done to defend the National Keep, the last line of defence, of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

World Heritage

a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The World Heritage Committee decided to inscribe the Defence Line of Amsterdam on World Heritage List considering that the site is of outstanding universal value as it is an exceptional example of an extensive integrated defence system of the modern period which has survived intact and well conserved since it was created in the later 19th century. It is also notable for the unique way in which the Dutch genius for hydraulic engineering has been incorporated into the defences of the nation's capital city.

Photos: René Ros

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