P+R = Park and Travel

Park your car for only € 1 per day

P+R stands for Parkeren en Reizen (Park and Travel) and are multi-storey car parks in Amsterdam. You park your car at a P+R location on the outskirts of the city and travel into town by public transport.

P+R is the cheapest attended parking option in Amsterdam. You can park your car for only €1 per 24 hours.

It is important that you read the conditions beforehand and follow the steps as described in the P+R brochure (PDF - 1.2 MB). It is rather complicated but worth the effort as you can save a lot of money on parking.

P+R locations in Amsterdam

  • P+R ArenA 
  • at the Johan Cruijff Arena
  • P+R Sloterdijk 
  • P+R Bos en Lommer 
  • P+R Olympic Stadium 
  • most popular, often full
  • P+R Zeeburg 
  • P+R RAI 
  • congress hall
  • P+R VUmc 
  • only in the weekends

    Available parking spaces   real-time

    Check up-to-date parking space availability at all P+R locations in Amsterdam and see which one is free upon arrival in Amsterdam.

    Important conditions of P+R!

    • Onward travel to city centre zone by public transport
    • GVB pass (for using public transport) must be purchased within 1 hour of parking
    • Check in and out of public transport
    • Return travel directly from city centre zone by public transport
    • Pay P+R fee within 1 hour of checking out of public transport
    • Maximum parking time is 96 hours

    If these conditions are not met, you will be required to pay the regular parking fee which could cost you €203 extra (as shown in the example below).

    How much do you save?   an example

    Let's assume that you are traveling by car and want to stay 4 days in Amsterdam. Compare parking costs for 3 different scenarios.

    Scenario 1: using P+R at Olympic Stadium

    4 x €1 (daily tariff P+R) + €5 (GVB pass for using public transport by 2 persons) = total price of €9

    Scenario 2: parking at Olympic Stadium without using P+R

    4 x €50 (maximum daily parking fee) + €3 (for a public transport one-hour ticket) x 2 (persons) x 2 (inward and return ticket) = total price of €212

    Scenario 3: on-street parking near your hotel in Amsterdam Centre without public transport

    4 x €57 (maximum daily parking fee) = total price of €228