Amsterdam Noord is separated from the centre by a large canal called the IJ. The most convenient way of crossing this canal, both during the day and the night, is to take a ferry. Because there are a lot of ferries operating in a relatively short route you rarely have to wait more than a few minutes.

Most of the ferries depart just outside Amsterdam Centraal Station, other places to get on board are displayed below. The best thing about this service is that it is absolutely FREE!

IJ Ferries   IJveren

non-stop connections to Amsterdam-Noord


IJ Ferry arriving at Centraal Station

Oostveer Ferry

  ferry Azartplein - Zamenhofstraat ( 6 min )
  Ferry F1   |   daily from 06:30 to 22:30   ⟩ Departure times 

IJplein Ferry

  ferry Centraal Station - IJplein ( 5 min )
  Ferry F2   |   daily from 06:27 to 23:57   ⟩ Departure times 

Buiksloterweg Ferry

  ferry Centraal Station - Buiksloterweg ( 5 min )
  Ferry F3   |   non-stop   ⟩ Departure times 

NDSM Ferry

  ferry Centraal Station - NDSM ( 14 min )
  Ferry F4   |   daily from 06:45 to 23:51   ⟩ Departure times 

NDSM Night Ferry (Sat, Sun)

  ferry Centraal Station - Pontsteiger - NDSM ( 14 min )
  Ferry F5   |   Sat/Sun from 00:30 to 02:45   ⟩ Departure times 

Distelweg Ferry

  ferry Pontsteiger - Distelweg ( 6 min )
  Ferry F6   |   on weekdays from 06:30 to 19:15   ⟩ Departure times 

Houthaven Ferry

  ferry Pontsteiger - NDSM ( 7 min )
  Ferry F7   |   daily from 06:44 to 23:30   ⟩ Departure times 

Ferry F1

Ferry F2

Ferry F3

Ferry F4

Ferry F5

Ferry F6

Ferry F7

Ferry routes and stops

All ferries are free of charge and carry pedestrians, cyclists and mopeds.