Amsterdam Noord

Amsterdam borough, north of the River IJ

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Located north of River IJ with 96,000 inhabitants (2018), an emerging, unpolished post-industrial area, a unique green landscape and historic Amsterdam Waterland villages.


The small locks in NIeuwendam, with Cafe 't Sluisje with summer terrace on the left side. Nieuwendam is a typical North Holland dike village with its characteristic wooden houses with 'Zaanse' bell gables.

An industrial neighbourhood which, after a period of decay, develops into a hip, trendy neighbourhood

Amsterdam-Noord (or Amsterdam-North) is located north of the River IJ, the body of water which separates it from central Amsterdam and the rest of the city.

For centuries the northern part of the city of Amsterdam is separated from the mainland and is only recently being discovered as a place with numerous hidden treasures.

Free ferries

Amsterdam-Noord is easy to reach: from the backside of Centraal Station you can hop on to one of the free ferries that cross over the IJ, departing each 5 minutes. It is not served by tram or metro, although this will change with the opening of the North-South line in 2018, however bus services run through the three road tunnels.

Noord neighbourhoods:

Banne Buiksloot, Buiksloterham, Buikslotermeer, IJplein/Vogelbuurt, Kadoelen, NDSM wharf, Nieuwendam, Nieuwendammerham, Oostzanerwerf, Slotermeer, Tuindorp Buiksloot, Tuindorp Oostzaan, Volewijck, Waterland

Hot spots

The world of Amsterdam-Noord takes place on the northern shores of the IJ. Hot spots are: Eye Filmmuseum, A'DAM Toren, restaurant Dok du Nord and De Pont . The two latter have both large sunny terraces with excellent views over the main city as well as the cruise ship terminal of Amsterdam.

But Amsterdam-Noord offers more culture. The former NDSM docks are nowadays breeding grounds for creativity. Art and trendy cuisine are both in this newly developed area.

Visit places like Cafe Noorderlicht (Northern Light) or the IJ-kantine  and enjoy the unique views of the wharf. Or dine on Pollux Pacific , a renovated 3-master sailing ship from 1850.

On the Pannenkoekenboot (Pancake Boat) you can enjoy typical Dutch style pancakes while sightseeing the Amsterdam harbors.

New theatre performances and musicals are being tried-out in a recently opened theatre laboratory, called M-lab. Right next door of M-lab you will find funky Restaurant Hotel de Goudfazant , a popular local restaurant for modern style dining located in an old industrial wharehouse.


The northern part of Amsterdam also features a unique part of historic Dutch countryside. These rural grounds of Waterland feature a long sea dike and are situated along the former coast of the Zuiderzee (Southern Sea).

Garden cities like Nieuwendam, Schellingwoude, Durgerdam (an authentic village with wooden fisherman cottages), Ransdorp and Zunderdorp are nearby and all well worth a visit.

Tip for visitors: rent a bike

Rent a bike at one of the bicycle rentals in the old city of Amsterdam, take the ferry and visit and discover the beauty of the Amsterdam Waterland. The panorama is spectacular as you are able to view kilometers of meadows, water, shores, cane fields, dikes, villages and typical farmhouses.

Take a break at the terrace of the historical Café 't Sluisje, a 16th century wooden captains villa located in the village of Nieuwendam and only 2 km away from the Amsterdam Central Station.

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